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Rae Grand is a traveling artist with a home base in Sarasota, FL. The husky mutt seen beside her is her trusty copilot Horus the Moon Dog. Rae considers herself a problem solver and documenter. Her live illustrations capture the event and scene she's emerged in. Primarily drawing bands, locally and around the country, Rae also illustrates live performances, drag shows, burlesque shows, weddings, plays, nature hot spots and nightly bar scenes. Horus and her travel around in their reliable astrovan, the Lunchbox. Because her mind is constantly turning she's got many projects in the works right now including, a travel zine of her journeys, coloring books, stickers, tapestries, and even a future clothing line. Rae's completely captivated in merging all life into a conglomerate of land and anatomy in her series titled "Spaceland". Its a spiritual journey that comes out of her, she feels she can't take credit for the magical world and enjoys the images that appear before her. Amazed with the glow of blacklight her work takes us back to the good ol days of 70s blacklight dens and Peter Max posters. Contact her for any events, commissions, or painting purchases. 

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