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Rae Grand is a native born living in Sarasota, Florida. She is currently working with a local book publishing company, illustrating whimsical picture books. Rae is also an Event Illustrator. Personal parties, bars, companies, bands, etc. hire her to illustrate the present scene in mere minutes. Her work is colorful and joyful. Her illustrations capture the mood of the event; fast paced late night jam bands, comical Christmas drag shows, and outdoor nature's wholesome beauty. Rae keeps many creative projects going, her favorite work to date is her abstract landscapes titled, Spaceland Series. Which you can find on her website under "recent work". The work instills wonder and magic back into the peoples lives. Rae will be hitting the road this March in her portable studio Astrovan, illustrating her experiences along the way. Horus her husky mutt will be the copilot.

Fund Rae and her travels at  http://www.hatchfund.org/user/grondahlrae

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