Rae Grand grew up on a small island
on the gulf coast of Florida. She spent
her childhood playing in her backyard
canal and on her father's boat, exploring
sandbars in the bay.

As she got older her sense of adventure grew, she researched long-distance backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and began her pilgrimage north. A non-experienced teenager, Rae spent three months hiking over 500 miles alongside fellow hikers, sleeping in wooden shelters hidden deep in the peak mountains along the eastern hemisphere. This course changed her life and ignited an even stronger passion for adventure in the outdoors.

After finishing her Associate's at Adirondack Community College in New York she decided to drive west. She traveled along the west coast, falling in line with the Gypsy Jazz of the streets, and began live illustrating all the musicians that surrounded her. Soon Rae was illustrating music festivals all over the country.

At one of these music festivals at a beautiful park called Suwannee, Rae met her current partner. They live on a swamp homestead with their baby girl, dog, two cats, a pig, and a handful of chickens. Having moved inland away from the ocean, Rae is able to find solace in the freshwater springs that surround the area, introducing a sense of adventure to her little one and the importance of Mother Nature.