At the beginning of time, the elements swirled and mixed in the cosmos, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether. From these elements landscapes formed, and in these landscapes, creatures. Somebody's eyes peer out behind a rock face, feet poke out of the ground. Where the ground ends and entities begin is unknown. Is it all one divine consciousness?

I, just a lonely venturer, stumbled into this curious collective in the margins of my school notebooks. Doodles upon doodles of lines, shapes, and textures soon took form. There was land in between the spaces of my pages; there was life in between my paper and imagination, there was Spaceland. As the years of doodles went on, color began to appear.


Neon blacklight hues illuminated what was once just black and white images. The landscape was evolving. In the darkness of the night, glowing yellows, lime greens and pinks pulled me farther into this alien world. An alien world where the land seemed anatomical, where anatomy seemed fantastical. Yet, it all seemed so familiar. Had I been here before, or is Spaceland just a different way of viewing the mysterious and uncharted planet we live in.



Now the blacklight paint has been stored away, and a more sunlight scene of Spaceland comes into view. No longer is nighttime the only way to see the land. Charting out larger and larger maps, Rae continues documenting the cartography of a world being pulled from her mental cavity.